About Us

About Us

On May 23, 2022, Oracle completed the acquisition of Adi Insights.

We started this business to provide you with scheduling insights. Today we can offer you Actionable live insights so you can adapt! Enabling you to monitor hours worked and sales metrics in real-time at ALL stages of the workforce management process.


Why Adi? ‘Adi’ is short for:

  • AdaptX – our forecasting tool
  • Adapt – which we help you do
  • Advice – we are here to help you see the story in your data 
  • Adelaide – a tribute to our founding teams’ beginnings in a basement in Adelaide.

We are a global team whose purpose is to: 

  • empower you with actionable information to make the best staffing decisions
  • enable you to get your workforce admin done more efficiently
  • allow you to spend less time in the office and more time with your team and your customers 

Our values at Adi Insights are efficiency, team success, flexibility, questioning, inclusion and true grit. We are a global team that thinks locally, ensuring you meet local labor compliance and are here to serve you on your timezone. We solve tricky problems and help you to continue to thrive and grow. 


Our founders are Aussies that grew up in small country towns (Rachael in Macclesfield, Jake in Meadows). Our founders now live in Colorado, heading up our North American expansion.

Our Adelaide, South Australian, team of very bright, efficient professionals, build our fantastic platform. We also have staff in New South Wales and Victoria (Australia), plus Washington State and Colorado (United States), providing you with extended support business hours.