Casey Pabst from Foam Coffee Bar in Perth talks about Adi Insights

Written by Rachael Skinner

May 2, 2013

The system Casey had to use before Adi Insights wasn’t easy. They had a spreadsheet she would have to fill out with start times, finish times and hours worked. A lot of the time, the spreadsheet would not calculate properly, the formulas broke easily and she had to spend more time fixing the sheet than doing the roster! Casey ended up creating a Word document for the roster and used a calculator to add up costs & hours worked when she had time was frustrating and time-consuming.

Now, Casey logs in to Adi from any computer or even her iPad at home; she can create the roster visually by dragging out shifts and can immediately see KPIs for each hour, day and week across 6 KPIs:

  • Total sales
  • Labour cost percentage
  • Units of output
  • Productivity
  • Average hourly wage cost
  • Labour efficiency

“The little things like the master report and having staff update their own availability are just great!”

Casey reckons Adi being cloud-based is so handy! After Casey sets up the roster for the week, the managing director, Nick, can log in anytime from any computer to check the roster. Nick uses the Master roster report to see the entire roster for a week, including stats for each day and the week as a whole.

“The training has been really great. I have learnt a lot about rostering from Kieran and your support team and cannot wait to learn more, especially how to do the Actuals.”

Both Casey and Nick are looking forward to learning how to update Adi from rostered hours to actual hours worked; to learn this the will complete a 20 minute training session over the phone with Adi support staff.

Because he finds it easy to understand how Casey puts together her rosters Nick, the managing director, is looking forward to taking over the rostering tasks while Casey goes on holidays in mid-April.

The next steps for the implementation of Adi in Foam will be:

  • Put a laptop on-site so that the managers can update Adi from rostered hours to actual hours worked at the end of each day. Staff can also use this laptop to update their availability for the coming weeks and month (great for uni students!).
  • After they have collected all staff mobile numbers, Casey will send the rosters to staff by SMS before the week begins.

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