Changes in eating behaviour since Covid-19 – how does this affect your business?

Monte Carlo biscuits

Written by Rachael Skinner

January 21, 2021

Homemade Monte Carlo biscuits. Credit: Arnott’s

With people spending more time at home, the most significant change in consumer eating behaviours are increased delivery and cooking at home. Drive-thru has also seen a considerable resurgence. Restaurant Business Online reported: as of late August, 41% of consumers had dined indoors since it became available. However, dining in still trailed off-premise service formats. Drive-thru led the way, with 68% consumers having used it, followed by takeout (63%), curbside pickup (48%), third-party delivery and direct delivery (both 45%). 

Off-premise services have become the primary source of revenue for many restaurants. It is essential to understand this change in consumer behaviour, have real-time insights into the changes as they occur and the tools to adapt in time. Another interesting finding was that consumers’ preference is to order directly from the restaurant.

60% of consumers reported cooking at home more often, and brands such as Australian brand, Arnott’s, took this opportunity to share the secret recipe for their famous Monte Carlo biscuit. This initiative ensured that they, as a brand, remained relevant and remembered by consumers. How does knowing this impact your business? Arnott’s thought outside the box on this one. Could delivery brands be selling their spice combo or sauces with a takeaway order of prepared food? Some brands are selling milk and bread to pick up with the drive-thru order. All of the changes will impact how you need to deploy your staff. The labour hours required to provide delivery will be different than in-house hospitality. Fulfilling orders from third-party vs your own online ordering and delivery will have different labour requirements.

Health and sustainability are also areas moving to the forefront of consumer decision making. More than half of consumers say health matters more than in 2010, and 39% of consumers say it impacted their decisions in 2020. As there has been a switch to online food shopping and delivery, there has been an increase in disposable packaging, meaning conversations regarding the increased consumption of plastic packaging have come to the forefront. Hashtags surrounding the topic have also been gaining popularity. You can read more about this topic and find the graph below in the Story by Food Business News

Changes in eating behaviour since Covid-19 - how does this affect your business?

The changes in eating and buying behaviours will impact your inventory and labour requirements. You need the data available at your fingertips to drive the decisions around inventory purchase, management and labour deployment. Adi Insights + NetSuite dashboards can give you these insights. If you would like help getting the insights you need when you need them to make actionable decisions book a free consult with our team.

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