Eat and Play at SuiteWorld16

Written by Rachael Skinner

May 10, 2016

The team at Adi Insights coming up on their 3rd SuiteWorld, so we’ve learnt a few things about San Jose in the last few years. While San Jose isn’t bustling with tech activity like its Bay Area cousin city, San Francisco, there’s still plenty to keep us fed, watered and enjoying ourselves. Here’s our top eats, places to visit and tips to get the most out of SuiteWorld16 in San Jose, California.

Best Restaurants & Bars in San Jose

Original Joe’s

This San Jose staple looks like it hasn’t changed in 50 years. Despite the 1950’s charm, the restaurant pumps during the conference. They push out quality meals from a menu that resembles a broadsheet newspaper. The cobb salad and skirt steak come highly recommended. Recommended by Michael Pullman

Peet’s Coffee

Tucked away on the western (I-5) side of the convention centre on the lower level near the Hilton is Peet’s Coffee. We’re giving away 50 Peet’s Coffee gift cards in our SuiteWorld 2016 Survival Kit. Come by booth #731 for a kit and your gift card to get a coffee on us! “The only place you can get a decent latte!”. Recommended by our caffeine-powered CEO Rachael Skinner

Pho 69

In 2014, we discovered this gem on Wednesday night. It’s right around the corner from the convention centre, has reasonable ratings on Yelp, and it’s cheap. We were tired, hungry and needed something fast and fresh. Pho 69’s Vietnamese clear soup with noodles fit the bill perfectly. Paper cups & plastic spoons only add to the charm. No, really. Worth a look.

Paper Plane

Tucked away on 1st Street is the perfect venue for a drink with a group after SuiteWorld. Classy (and with the Library of Congress of alcohol selections…) Paper Plane is the ideal place to take customers & partners to relax and have a laugh. While the mid-20’s crowd hit up the San Jose nightclubs, the last thing I feel like doing is smashing tequila and dancing to loud music until 3am! Paper Plane kicks off the night-life perfectly. Recommended by Michael Pullman

Tanq Bar

This bar at the Marriot Hotel on the last Thursday of SuiteWorld, when everything winds down is a great time to visit Tanq. Grab a Blueberry Collins and kick back for a debrief of all the great things you’ve learnt. Better than waiting at the airport!

Things to see in San Francisco

If you fly in the weekend before the conference spend it in San Francisco.

The Mexican restaurants in the Mission are incredible, one of our favourites is Loló – do yourself a favour!

  • Stroll along Embarcadero, any of the restaurants and cafes are great. Don’t forget to visit the resident seals at Pier 39
  • The View Lounge at the Marriott is a fantastic place to watch the sunset and have  a few pre-dinner drinks
  • One of the best ways to take in the views is a walk up Filbert steps. The views are spectacular and the gardens that line the steps are gorgeous!

Get the most out of the conference

Monday, May 16th

  • 5pm is a great time to visit the welcome reception in the Expo hall
  • Are you a partner? There’s a Partner Kickoff on Monday. If you’re a coder, there’s Hackathon 4 Good. Lots of options!

Tuesday, May 17th

  • Don’t miss the the executive keynotes scheduled for 9am to 10:30am, and 11am to 12:30pm. In the first keynote Zach Nelson, CEO, normally gives us a look at the last year in NetSuite world. Evan Golberg often performs the second keynote which provides a sneak peek on new functionality in upcoming releases. Both are very informative and REALLY entertaining!
  • Be sure to check out the 90min Executive Keynote – The Last Computing Architecture with a panel of professionals including  Zach Nelson, NetSuite CEO, Imran Khan, Snapchat CSO and James Ramsey, Head of Technology at Maclaren Services.
  • Attend the “Adi Insights: Optimize Your Workforce to Improve Customer Satisfaction” (OPS2025) session by Rachael Skinner at 1:15pm in the Exhibit Hall.“Managing labor costs is vital to growth. Equally important is having the right staffing so that you can deliver the best customer experience. Success requires the right balance – too tight and you upset customers, too loose and you are unprofitable. Adi Insights gives you the power to make staffing decision based on past sales performance data which takes the guesswork out of staffing decisions.”– Rachael Skinner, CEO Adi Insights

Wednesday, May 18th

  • Change is inevitable and we all want our businesses to thrive. Be sure to head along to the keynote KEY2110 Best Outcomes: Empowering your firm for excellence amid change. The panel of experts including Jeani Vance, CIO Prophet Brand Strategies and Eric Luehmann, Senior Director of Financial Systems, Bankrate Inc will talk you through strategies to remain agile within the service industry.

Thursday, May 19th

  • If you havn’t hit the point of information overload yet then do yourself a favour and get to one of the Product Roundtable Breakfasts. There are a bunch of them, so check the program for one that suits you best. Our recommendation would be the 60min Reporting and Business Intelligence talk, or maybe the Retail or Mobile events.

SuiteWorld16 is set to be a cracker! We look forward to seeing you at the Adi Insights Booth (731) and to meet as many of our customers and industry partners as possible.

Happy Conferencing!

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