How the changing workforce will affect your retail business

Written by Rachael Skinner

June 23, 2015

Retail is changing. Our customers often tell us their staff are becoming tech-savvy and are early adopters of new technology. Staff are empowered with smartphones, are used to instant information transfer and easily frustrated with tech that doesn’t work right the first time.

The changing workforce needs new scheduling solutions

Our customers value their staff and put their needs first. Let your staff know they are valued by taking into account their ‘request offs’ or leave and their availability. Scheduling hourly or casual staff around the demands of school and extra-curricular activities isn’t that hard, but it can be if you don’t have a system in place.

With Adi Insights, staff can request time off through the web portal, and their manager is notified and can approve or deny these requests. This information is part of a host of information available to a manager when they’re doing the schedule. Changing workforce needs demand new solutions and Adi Insights can provide the transparency you need.

Time and attendance must be easy to use

Imagine being a staff member and not having to write in a manual time book. Boring! Instead now imagine clocking on and off with just your fingerprints – that’s exciting! Your time & attendance management adds value if it’s easy to use and saves the staff time (time they can use to catch up on Jamie Lannister’s latest exploits…)

Transfer approved hours to payroll with no errors

Your transfer of approved hours to payroll shouldn’t have errors from data entry – your changing workforce doesn’t want to check their pay stubs in microscopic detail every week! Staff need to be confident that you’re paying them accurately for their work, without the risks of under or over payment.

New demands on your time

The changing workforce places new demands on your time too. Our customers are know they can’t be stuck in the office with their email, financials and workforce management software all on the one PC. A laptop is the next step, but imagine not having to carry a laptop at all! With cloud workforce management software Adi Insights you can access your business information from any web browser, with confidence that your information is secure.

Your workforce management procedures need to change to adapt to this changing workforce. Investing in technology solutions to help manage your workforce makes sense – staff respect and will value your investment if it saves them time.

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