Humanized workforce management #NSW16

Written by Rachael Skinner

May 17, 2016

With SuiteWorld16 upon us, there is no better time for us to launch the latest version of our workforce management system. We’ve aimed our newest product at helping Multi-unit Retail, Quick Service Restaurants and Fast Casual Dining businesses manage the new demands for work-life balance for hourly employees.

We’re assisting QSR businesses to optimize staffing and costs by creating software for labor deployment modeling and intelligent forecast adjustments. With so many already using NetSuite Solutions we have optimized our service to fully integrated with NetSuite’s payroll solution and payroll partners, eliminating expensive outsourced payroll.

Here at Adi Insights, we believe that QSR and retail industries are challenged by constantly changing legislation such as the changes to minimum wage, Affordable Care Act and new overtime rules, as well as increased competition and the battle for talented staff.

So, while the proposed changes “keep business owners up at night”, there are ways to thrive in this changing labor environment by using the right applications to ensure you can still keep all your staff on, keeping their hours up and run a profitable business.

This is something Adi Insights is greatly passionate about, and the reason I founded the company in 2009. Australia was going through a massive labor reform and businesses needed help. Our software has been successful in helping Australian businesses retain staff and stay profitable, and we have now optimized the application for QSR and retail in the United States.

The changing labor conditions can be good for everyone – staff, their families and businesses – but they do require a change in business behavior and process. By embracing the new workforce legislation, businesses can act early to put systems in place to manage the change and come out the other side with a stronger organization.

Our solution helps managers produce smart costed schedules with minimal effort. The software then shows where you can add more staff to improve customer service while minimizing wage wastage. Workforce scheduling becomes critical as minimum wages rise, balanced scheduling increases revenue and improves customer satisfaction, which in turn enables businesses to pay higher wages while still running a profitable operation.”

Adi Insights enables businesses to meet multiple labor targets while balancing staff’s personal needs.

This includes balancing labor cost percentage, customer to staff ratio, sales to staff ratio and accommodating your staff’s fluctuating availability, Adi Insights communicates the schedule to each staff member via the Adi phone app. When staff feel valued, they contribute more to your business, more money flows from satisfied customers and more money in the economy is good for everyone.

By creating effective workforce scheduling our customers have seen their businesses produce higher productivity, happier staff and ultimately happier customers. ­­­If shifts are randomly assigned staff, it means staff do not get the regular hours they need to run a balanced life.

Adi Insights shows your optimal labor staffing levels in a way that still provides staff with a routine and gives the business and staff the flexibility they need. Now you can consistently deliver great customer service without labor waste as your business changes and grows.

Learn more about labor optimization

If you are heading to SuiteWorld16, be sure to attend my session – OPS2025 – 17 May at 1:15pm in the exhibit hall (to far left of main hall as you enter) where I will be discuss a range of tools and actions that you can implement in customer services businesses to help improve your labor optimization to improve customer satisfaction. Or drop past the Adi Insights booth #731 where we can show you in person the power of our solution.

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