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Just a few of the reasons why franchisees use Adi Insights:

  • Automatically calculates the wage conditions of the Fast Food Industry Award or Enterprise Agreements
  • Have staff on multiple wage agreements (Awards and EAs)
  • Seamless payroll integration saves hours of admin time per week
  • LiveIQ integration pulls sales and subs into Adi throughout the day plus a up to a year of historicals
  • Weekly, daily and hourly sales and unit forecasts are visible at an hourly level on the same page you build your schedule
  • Weekly, daily, and hourly KPIs update on-the-fly as schedules are created
  • Compare schedule vs. actual labour cost % and wages that are accurate based on the Fair Work Australia Awards or Enterprise Agreements
  • Visual Analytics dashboard that updates throughout the day – so you can proactively manage your labour
  • Wage cost of a shift is presented to the Manager where decisions require sticking to the budget (e.g., staff selection sorted by most cost-effective person while scheduling, fill-shift in the browser and phone app, reassign shift, and when approving a swap shift request)
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