McElligotts Carbon to Cloud Initiative achieved with Adi Insights + Oracle Netsuite + InfinetCloud

Written by Rachael Skinner

January 8, 2021

McElligotts selected Adi Insights + NetSuite + Infinet Cloud as their tech stack, to achieve their Carbon to Cloud initiative.

McElligotts has been operating in the abrasive blasting and protective coatings industry for over 65 years and was originally established by John and Jim McElligott in 1954. Their unique vision and insight set the company up as industry leaders.

Adi Insights delivered

  • Electronic accurate schedule shifts, time punches and approved hours records
  • Electronic leave approvals
  • Automated interpretation of wages across multiple awards and negotiated agreements
  • Payroll integration with Infinet Cloud/NetSuite to speed up payroll processing saving the team 64 hours a week!
  • Automatically push hours worked by NetSuite cost centres and service items to automate high-resolution electronic capture of billing detail supporting documents for McElligotts customers

Capturing labour costs and times worked electronically against Projects and Service items is critical to drive accurate and compliant invoicing and achieve the ‘Carbon to Cloud initiative.’

Milestones reached to achieve Carbon to Cloud

  • Complicated Cross Location/Project automated wage interpretation: this has eliminated the reliance on staff or managers correctly interpreting multiple awards and negotiated agreements on their timesheets. Manual interpretation and entry were resulting in payroll errors and the need for manual adjustments. Implementing the Adi wage rule engine has improved McElligotts ability to maintain labour compliance.
  • Reduce time spent on payroll: before Adi Insights + NetSuite + ICS a pay run for the national payroll team took 72 hours due to the complexity of their location-based Enterprise agreements; manual data entry; lots of errors; stress; and a high volume of after pay run adjustments. Now with Adi Insight s+ NetSuite + ICS, this takes under 8 hours with a lot less stress. To date, we have achieved approximately 98% automation of wage calculations.
  • Reduce manual adjustments post pay run: the payroll person finds that there is less back and forth communication between payroll and Ops and less stress and errors around payroll time.

Why is it so important that all staff punch in and out instead of timesheets? 

  • Achieve Carbon to Cloud initiative (no paper)
  • Labour compliance – Adi provides an electronic, highly detailed audit log of when staff worked down to the minute.
  • High-resolution reporting of the time it takes to complete projects with the ability to drill down to service item level within a project. Accurate, complete electronic time punch data will enable McElligotts to determine if they are quoting projects correctly. Where are the time sinks? What tasks take much longer to complete than expected? Are they utilising their teams effectively?
  • Provides a vital framework to scale. McElligotts can provide their customers with detailed, accurate records regarding wage rates and time worked on projects for billing and audit purposes.

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