NetSuite and Adi Insights for Labor Cost Insights

Written by Rachael Skinner

May 24, 2016

Are you looking to bring high resolution labor data into your NetSuite solution? If you are currently using NetSuite without a workforce management app, you have limited ability to capture detailed information about hours worked without significant manual data entry. Many who use a third party app for time & attendance and workforce scheduling often rely on a simple general ledger entry for wages. This, however, doesn’t uncover the ways in which you can optimize your labor force to unlock savings and increase revenue. Adi Insights enhances your labor data through easy to access, real time insights.

Integrating Adi Insights into NetSuite acheives:

  • Reducuction of pre payroll admin by 85%
  • Eliminated data redundancy
  • Fine tuning of your workforce with high level variance reporting

Guzman Y Gomez (GYG), a quick service restaurant operator with 70 locations, has implemented Adi Insights to enable senior management to see labor cost by location, division and down into individual jobs per store. By using this sophisticated labor cost reporting GYG have saved 3-5% off their labor cost percentage system-wide, boosting profit.

Getting time entries into NetSuite without Adi Insights is a very time-consuming process with lots of data entry.

Adi Insights communicates with NetSuite in several different ways. The array of personalisations in communication means Adi Insights and NetSuite can work together to save you time and money. Here are just a few ways NetSuite & Adi Insights work together to help you optimize your labor costs.

Linking NetSuite Records

It’s possible to configure the integration in a wide number of ways. You may link several different types of NetSuite records (such as Department, Class, Location, Project and more) to Adi objects. By setting up specific links from NetSuite to Adi Insights you’ll remove hours of data entry time from your day.

Linking Employee Records

Specific information for each employee in NetSuite can be linked to individual Adi Insights profiles. This means valuable data such as pay type, leave accruals, employment status etc can be easily and effortlessly transferred, again reducing the need for data entry.

Complex Wage Penalty Rates Handled automatically

Because of our advanced wage classification interpretation engine, it’s possible to configure the complex condition and rate structure in Adi Insights, and then have the number of hours for each condition pushed through to NetSuite.


When a leave request is approved, this information is sent through to NetSuite. This means leave requests once approved is available for your manager building the shift schedule and payroll.

Exporting timesheet data

To export a set of approved hours to NetSuite, it’s a matter of two clicks; selecting the valid date range and hitting export. It’s possible to drill down and view each employee’s data.

By choosing Adi Insights you’re choosing to bring high-resolution labor data into NetSuite. The end result of integrating Adi Insights into NetSuite will reduce pre-payroll admin by 85% and allow fine tuning of your workforce with a high-level variance reporting. Both of which are going to help your business remain profitable while maintaining a high level of customer service.

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