Parking Management Company Benefits From The Ability To Greatly Improve The Management Of Their Labor Costs

Written by Rachael Skinner

April 4, 2018

PMC provides valet and self parking services for hotels, restaurants, hospitals, private events, event venues and anyone else that needs a parking solution. The company is in growth mode and in need of systems and tools that scale. People are their product and therefore their biggest expense is payroll and labor usage.

Labor management is the key to their financial success and as they grow, it’s important that they have tools and systems and processes in place for their managers. ZUUS provides a simple tool that allows them to schedule logically based on business expectations, not just blocks of time – actually schedule on business volumes. In addition, ZUUS gives them the ability to measure their performance and actual labor usage against that schedule so that they can get smarter and wiser as to the labor requirements.

Quotes from CJ McAdams, VP Finance & Administration:

“For me personally, the biggest return on investment comes from the ability to measure our performance –vs- our projections.”

“The single biggest strength has been Rachael’s (CEO) leadership and the team. To me that’s the differentiator. There are a lot of products and tools out there but the ZUUS team has come through with enhancements and adjustments to fit our needs. To me that’s a differentiator. If some of those changes hadn’t happened we wouldn’t have been able to launch. I have confidence in my experience so far with the whole ZUUS team that those challenges that we faced and the ideas and solutions we foresee. I have confidence in the whole ZUUS team, and I feel they’ll be a great partner for many, many years.”

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