Delivering excellent customer service is the most important part of running a service business. Just as important is running the store at a profit. Unfortunately, many managers focus only on customer service without thinking about how extra hours will affect the profitability of the store. Adi allows managers to balance these two metrics, delivering outstanding customer service throughout each day without running the store at a loss.

The AdaptX tool inside the Adi employee schedule maker allows managers to see an accurate forecast of sales. Adi gives the manager a forecast alongside the employee schedule maker screen. The manager can see a forecast because Adi harvests point of sales and customer data from the point of sale or ERP system.

Adi AdaptX tool forecasts sales and customer numbers alongside the employee schedule maker. AdaptX helps build your labor matrix. With Adi employee schedule maker you can accurately project your staffing levels so that your manager knows how many employees they need at any time during the day.

You want your schedules to reflect the most up-to-date and accurate customer demand. AdaptX harvests sales and customer counts from your point of sale system. This data is used to create accurate forecasts that appear alongside the employee schedule maker.

With AdaptX you can build a flexible labor model that tells you how many staff you need every 15 minutes of every day. This gives you accurate insights into expected customer traffic, forecast sales, and expected customer service metrics right inside the employee schedule maker. AdaptX updates point of sale data every 15 minutes throughout the day  giving managers up-to-the-minute insights. 

AdaptX can reach into many leading point of sale and enterprise resource planning systems to pull sales and customer count data. Through application protocol interfaces (APIs) AdaptX is able to get sales and customer count information at a high resolution or granularity. This high resolution data is pulled every 15 minutes and displayed alongside the employee schedule maker.

Sales information comes from the point of sale reporting system, which allows AdaptX to pull 12 to 24 months of lookback data. This means when managers are creating schedules using the employee schedule maker, they have access to a variety of accurate sales and customer count forecasts.

For example, a forecast could be a 6-week rolling average – that’s using the last 6 weeks of data and averaging the sales to smooth out any high- or low- sales days within the 6 week forecast period. You could also use the same store sales from last year and add on a growth index, sometimes call comparative growth. With AdaptX and the Adi employee schedule maker it’s easy to adjust your forecast to deliver the most accurate representation of your expected customer flow and sales.

Customer flow information, often called ‘footfall’ or ‘customer counts’ comes from many leading customer counting systems such as Beonic, Experian Footfall, and ShopperTrak. This information gives you the number of people expected to flow through your doors again based on a number of weeks lookback or same time last year with or without a growth index. For every 15 minutes of every day you can see expected customer flow alongside the employee schedule maker. This gives you insights into exactly how many employees you should have on the floor for every 15-minute period of every day to maximize your conversion rates.

All this data inside the employee schedule maker is designed to ensure you can deliver outstanding customer service. You’ll also balance labor costs to ensure the store runs at a reasonable level of labor cost – balancing labor costs with customer service metrics. 

The employee schedule maker has AdaptX built in, which means managers can see how their schedule should look based on forecast sales and customer flow data. This affects how managers put together schedules using the employee schedule maker with their labor deployment model.

Once you’ve created a sales forecast using AdaptX, you’ll use Labor OptiX, the dynamic staff schedule maker that gives customers the best possible experience.