MetriX Pro

To ensure your profits are always a priority, Adi offers MetriX Pro, a control panel for your business’ workforce management key performance indicators.

The MetriX Pro real time workforce management dashboard that ensures your managers have the profitability of your business at the top of their mind. Any areas of labor coverage where the schedule is under or over targets are highlighted in red. Forecast data from AdaptX combines with labor coverage data from Labor OptiX to produce the MetriX Pro workforce management dashboard that shows forecast sales against scheduled labor metrics.

This means when managers are doing workforce management tasks they always know where they stand relative to both their customer service and labor targets.

On an interactive workforce management dashboard labor metrics are updated on the fly as managers make changes to the schedule. As you make a schedule you can see the quality of the schedule vs your sales forecasts. Labor metrics are calculated and displayed as Labor OptiX serves suggested changes to the schedule for every 15 minute period of the day and week.

The Metrix Pro dashboard has daily and weekly workforce management stats for:

  • Sales forecasts
  • Labor cost percentage
  • Sales per labor hour
  • Customer per labor hour
  • Store targets

Sales forecasts appear on the Metrix Pro dashboard for managers to compare scheduled labor costs with expected sales. Adi knows all employees’ individual wage rates and recalculates labor costs as shifts are added to and removed from the schedule. This means Adi can provide a critical piece of workforce management information by providing managers with labor cost as a percentage of revenue, otherwise known as labor cost percentage. Sales per labor hour (SPLH) is provided by dividing forecast sales between all scheduled hours, and in Labor TraX this is compared with the actual SPLH. Managers can immediately see how their schedule looks against their targets.

The MetriX Pro workforce management tool also calculates customers per labor hour, sometimes known as productivity, giving the manager an indication of how fast their employees are moving between customers. Each store can have it’s own individual targets and these targets can be set at the Area or District manager level, or at the Operations team level. This means managers always have clear expectations as to their team’s performance, and with Adi workforce management you’re giving them the tools to discover ways of improving their performance. As they play with the schedule and make tweaks, their metrics on the MetriX Pro dashboard are recalculated and updated on the fly.

In workforce management nothing is more important that balancing customer service with store profitability. The Adi Insights Management system helps your managers find that balance. Adi ensures customer service is boosted to an excellent standard while ensuring store profitability is maintained and improved.

MetriX Pro gives managers a clear indication of what is expected in terms of performance from their team, and the tools and feedback necessary to discover ways to increase and improve that performance. The MetriX Pro workforce management dashboard gives clear indications of how the schedule will stand up to real world use. The schedule is placed against rock-solid sales forecasts and suggested changes to labor deployment from AdaptX.