Staff Xchange

With the Adi workforce management mobile app you can share employees between the shift schedules at different locations. This gives you the ultimate workforce management flexibility without any risk of double- or over-scheduling. The Adi Staff Xchange workforce management tool eliminates unnecessary overtime spend because instead of over-utilizing an individual employee, a manager can quickly and easily pull an employee from another location. Employees can swap shifts with each other on the schedule, and managers are asked to approve or deny any swaps. This means managers can be in complete control of the workforce management operations in their store but they can maintain the flexibility needed to attract and recruit talent in this new world of work. Retaining and growing talent is also made easier because managers can see the various proficiency levels for staff and can swap between staff with higher or lower proficiency based on business needs. For example, a highly-trained barista might be the ideal person to put on a busy Saturday morning shift alongside a newly-trained barista so that they can cross-train. In the Adi Staff Xchange, mobile app managers can ask for volunteers to fill shifts and short notice. This means managers are never stuck without someone to work.

To fill a shift at short notice with Adi workforce management managers don’t need to call down a list of phone numbers as they would traditionally. In the Adi mobile app they can easily see who’s available, who’s not already working, who has the skills to do the job at hand, and who won’t blow their labor targets because they’re in overtime. Managers can fill shifts at short notice with just two taps in the workforce management app.

With the Adi mobile app employees can also confirm they’ll work the published shift schedule. This optional and valuable step gives managers great feedback as to who has actually received, read, and acknowledged their schedule. The Adi mobile app is all about giving managers tools to manage the new mobile workforce. Workforce management becomes simpler and mobile with the new Adi app for Android and iOS.

You and your employees are always moving. With the Adi mobile app you can choose actions for the shift schedule that suit your business culture. The actions on the app are customizable so if you feel your employees should work the shifts that have been assigned to them by their manager, without a confirmation step, you can do so. You can also turn on and off drops, swaps and punching in and out on the mobile app. Your workforce management becomes flexible and adapts to the specific needs of your business.

On the go and from any device your people can

  • See their shift schedules
  • Be notified when new shifts are published
  • Pick up available shifts
  • Swap shifts with others on the schedule
  • Call off from shifts in the future
  • Punch in and out with geotagging

Punching in and out on the Adi mobile workforce management app ensures you give your employee’s location flexibility without any risk of anyone taking advantage. If employees punch in or out and are not within a defined radius of their location, your managers are notified in the approvals screen that the employee couldn’t be geo-confirmed. This means the employee was likely not in range but it doesn’t stop them punching in and out. Employees need to be able to punch in and out because location services on phones aren’t always perfectly accurate, particularly in the presence of tall buildings.

The Adi geo-confirmation gives managers the ability to have a conversation with managers and helps them identify where any problems are likely to occur – giving them the workforce management information they need to look at camera systems or ask other employees about arrival or departure times.

With Adi you can fill the shift schedule with employees across multiple locations. This means at very busy times your managers can borrow employees from other locations without any risk of workforce management issues like double scheduling or over scheduling. Your staff have flexibility in their shift schedule and you have the reassurance that your profitability will stay on track.

With Staff Xchange, you and your employees can access and interact with multiple schedules. An employee who works across multiple locations can see their shifts across all their locations in one list, in one place. The Adi mobile app gives employees a consolidated view of everything they’ve got coming up. A Monday training at head office, a Monday afternoon shift at the downtown location, Tuesday and Wednesday at 6th Street, and Saturday and Sunday at the mall locations – all on the one app.

Staff can manage their availability changes through the workforce management app. Each employee has an availability profile that they can update when their schedule changes. This update goes to the manager of their primary location as a request. These requests are batched and can be approved or denied by the manager. A great example of this is a school student with different availability during school time as compared to vacation. Proactive employees can let their manager know that they’re available more often during vacation time and that they can pick up more hours.

You can quickly fill call-offs and no-call-no-shows on the go with the Adi workforce management mobile app.

You can schedule employee shifts at multiple locations, eliminating double scheduling and unexpected overtime.