Shoe Shed eliminates wasted data entry time with Adi Insights payroll integration

Written by Rachael Skinner

April 29, 2013

Problem: prior to getting in touch with Adi Insights, retailer Anthony Slade of Shoe Shed spent 2.5 hours each week processing pays for 80 front-line retail staff in his 10 direct-to-consumer retail warehouses. He was convinced there must be an easier way! In the retail & hospitality industries, staff begin and end shifts at different times to traditional office jobs. 5-hour shifts with a 10 minute break, 7-hour shifts with half an hour break, even splits (2 or more shifts in a day) are common. As such, the hours worked per week for each staff member are sometimes difficult to schedule, difficult to track, and are often very difficult to pay, with the business owner having to calculate penalty rates and keep track of award conditions.

Solution: after looking extensively for a more automated system to reduce data entry, Anthony chose Adi Insights for his 10 stores for rostering, in-store time & attendance tracking, and payroll.

Each of the Adi modules work together:

  • Through Adi, each one of Anthony’s 80 front-line staff can log in and request changes to their availability for the coming days, weeks and months;
  • Using Adi Rostering, store managers set up and cost the rosters against hour-by-hour historical sales demand from the POS, including approving or rejecting staff availability;
  • In the Richmond store, employees’ time and attendance data is tracked via the AdiClock timeclock & fingerprint scanner, ensuring they are paid correctly (in other stores this is a manual process, Richmond is a pilot for AdiClock);
  • On pay day, Anthony simply pushes a button in Adi Payroll and the time & attendance data is synced with MYOB and payroll for their 80 staff is processed within 15 minutes.

Outcomes: using Adi Insights, the business owner has reduced the time required to process pays from 2.5 hours – he now spends only 30 minutes on payroll for his 80 staff each week. Anthony eliminated the wasted time taken to manually total & check for accuracy the handwritten timesheets from each store and enter those hours into an accounting program. Now he simply checks each staff members’ clock-in and -out times against the roster for accuracy and then sends the data directly to MYOB once he’s confident that the numbers represent reality.

Anthony loves the training & support he’s received through Adi Insights. Adi training & support team is Australia-based and all have experience in retail environments, making them perfect to provide the free training & support that come with the free 1 month trial of Adi Insights.

In addition, Adi Insights gives his staff another communication channel with their managers; with Adi staff can request availability changes “very useful for uni students advising their availability during the semester.”

About Adi Insights

Adi is all about schedules, time & attendance and advanced labor reporting in the cloud. Established and growth businesses alike can leverage Adi to improve transparency of labor cost data across the organization, eliminate inefficient data entry and speed up workforce management processes. Integrations with major point of sale, business intelligence and HR systems means no more redundant, double-entry data.

Adi is the centerpiece of your workforce management plan. Adi takes into account KPI targets, wage award rates & work orders including penalties, and staff availability. Comprising multiple cloud-based modules like payroll integrations and time & attendance based around a core of efficient and effective scheduling.

Adi reduces labor cost percentage by 3-5% and reduces payroll admin by more than 85%.

In our design, we focus on the question “Is this better for the staff?” because happy staff give customers a great experience. Adi Insights empowers frontline managers to get staffing levels right by making informed decisions from actionable information and achieving a balance between employees’ needs and business requirements.

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