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To learn more about Adi Insights specific feature set for Subway franchisees, listen to the highlights from a presentation by Adi Insights Fast Casual labour optimisation expert Peter Limond.
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Adi helps your managers create staff schedules that ensure your customers never wait too long for service.

Adi does this by harvesting your POS data and Sub data from Subway LiveIQ. Adi forecasts sales trends and uses your labour model to help your managers make the smartest and most efficient staff changes. This keeps your customer happy, considers staff needs and ultimately drives profit.

This video provides an overview of Adi’s five proprietary tools; AdaptX, LabourOptiX, MetrixPro, StaffExchange and LabourTraX, and how they work seamlessly together to drive topline sales and bottom-line profitability.

Forecast / Schedule

Adi harvests your historical POS data from Subway LiveIQ and uses it to forecast your sales and sub counts to build your labour matrix. Adi’s visual daily staff scheduling view combined with your forecasted sales and sub count at an hourly resolution allows you to optimise your schedule to ensure you aren’t under or overstaffed. Adi helps you fine-tune your schedule by identifying which hours are outside your ideal Labour Cost Percentage, Sales per Labour hour and productivity (subs per labour hour targets). When making these tweaks on the daily view, you can see what effect it has on your KPI’s at an hourly, daily and weekly resolution.

Labour Optimisation by labour deployment modelling 

Managers can generate rosters from suggested shifts generated from a model specific to Subway. You can tailor the model to your specific restaurant or use the Subway default model made available in your Adi account. This ensures customer service levels and labour metrics are met. Adi will highlight where you are under or overstaffed through our visual staff scheduling views, ensuring you hit your KPI’s and drive bottom-line profit.

Time & Attendance

AdiClock time and attendance is where staff punch-in and -out via a software-based time clock on an iPad or Android tablet or Windows (OS Windows 10+ versions). Alerts to Managers when staff are late or do not turn up. Quick, easy ways to find fill-ins, also staff can be notified on their phone when it is time to take their break. AdiClock knows about the staff schedule, enabling compliance rules around working outside of agreed hours and schedule.

Configuration Options:  PIN only or add optional photo-taking with Android or iPad tablets.

Weekly / Approvals

Adi’s weekly view allows you at a glance to view the entire week’s schedule, including all KPI’s on the one screen. Both before the week starts and during the week to see the current progress. Your actual sales from LiveIQ are updated throughout the day.  It allows you to track, measure and manage your KPI’s so you don’t get any nasty surprises when it comes to payroll.

It also doubles as the screen for you to approve your timesheets before exporting to your payroll service.


Customisable Live Dashboards allow you to organise and monitor your most important data at any point throughout the day without having to look in multiple places. With side-by-side comparisons of locations and KPIs, along with real-time data- managers can see whether they are tracking to their targets and make on the fly staffing adjustments.

Fair Work Australia Awards and Enterprise Agreement Automation

With increasing labour law requirements, it’s more important than ever to have a scheduling and time solution to take all your complex wage conditions into account. 

As part of our special offer to Subway franchisees, you can access the Fast Food Industry Award and Restaurant Industry Award managed and updated by Adi. This saves you days worth of manual wage rate updates in your scheduling and time and attendance system every year, and makes sure you don’t miss the dates that new wage rates apply. Plus, throughout the year, when your junior staff have a birthday, Adi will update their wage rates automatically.

Adi can also help with Junior Labour Compliance in your state. Ensuring school children are only scheduled within the relevant state-based laws.

Payroll Integrations

Adi integrates with most popular payroll software. For a list of our payroll integrations check out the full list of our integrations

How can Adi help you cut your paper onboarding process?

Staff can enter and update their own bank account*, superannuation* details and tax file number*, employment positions and history, upload of staff documents (2gb storage included) with notifications to payroll when staff details are changed or entered, eliminating the need for paper-based forms and records. * only for Australian businesses

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