Tide Dry Cleaning franchisees, Nick and Chris Harris, utilize Adi to ensure they exceed their customers’ expectations

Written by Rachael Skinner

July 14, 2019

Nick and Chris Harris (LooLoo, LLC) are franchisees of Tide Dry Cleaners.  Nick and Chris operate six family-oriented Tide Dry Cleaners locations across Utah and Nevada (Draper and South Jordan in UT and Durango, Henderson, Nevada, Mountains Edge, Sahara in NV). Nick and Chris Harris, opened their first location in April of 2014 and continue to wow customers with exceptional levels of quality and customer service.  This culture of world-class service shows customers that they deserve more from their dry cleaning experience. Nick and Chris have won Best of State Tide Dry Cleaner franchisee in Utah for three consecutive years from 2016 to 2018. They have two new locations opening later this year in Utah and Nevada.

Tide Dry Cleaners franchises are offered by Agile Pursuits Franchising Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Procter & Gamble Company. The first Tide Dry Cleaning stores were opened in 2010. Adi Insights is the approved software scheduling provider of Proctor & Gamble for Tide Dry Cleaning. There is a strong synergy between Adi Insights and Tide Dry Cleaning related to the need for visibility into key metrics and labor details to ensure Tide Dry Cleaning staff can exceed their customer’s expectations.

Rachael Skinner, CEO of Adi Insights, had an opportunity to speak with Nick Harris about how Adi helps his operation meet its goals.

“I really enjoy using Adi because it helps me quickly determine if our labor costs are on track. Before implementing Adi Insights our labor-cost-as-a-percent of sales (LC %) for most stores was over 40%. Now we are running between 35% – 37%”

–  Nick Harris

A proactive approach to scheduling is critical for Tide Dry Cleaning

Nick shared the following about Adi Insights, “My managers login to Adi Insights and build schedules from the daily scheduling view (Labor OptiX). This enables them to see exactly where they might be under or over staffing. We also utilise the ‘Schedule Validation Rule’, that alerts managers when they are above the LC % target. This ensures they have a conversation with me before they exceed labor. It also allows us to take a proactive approach which we never had before. This has resulted in substantial savings and improved profitability.”

Tide Dry Cleaning Closely Tracks Labor Metrics

Tide Dry Cleaning uses a color rating scale to track how locations are operating in terms of LC%. Operators strive to be in the green. Adi provides visibility and tools which support these efforts. What impact has this had on Nicks locations? He says, “Since implementing Adi we are happy to say that our locations are in the Green/Yellow zone! Before Adi we often found ourselves in the Red Zone which was a concern.”

Positive Feedback from Management

It is important for Nick and other Tide Franchisees that their team find value in tools provided. Nick has received positive feedback on the Adi platform from day one. One of his store managers, Hyrum Finch commented “I can’t imagine living without Adi now that I’ve experienced the difference. Adi makes it so easy to ensure the right staffing levels to provide exceptional customer service.  I can do this while still hitting my labor budget! My team and I found the platform to be extremely user-friendly and the learning curve was simple.”

Increased Profit

A savings of 3-5% in LC% is a direct improvement in profit margin. For a store that is running at $1M per year this is an annual profit increase of $30,000 to $50,000!

Real-Time Visibility

The ability to see the planned vs. actual schedule in a Tide Dry Cleaning Operation is essential to managing labor costs. Nick explains how he and his staff utilize Adi tools to make informed decisions: 

“Our staff punch in and out for work on AdiClock. As the week progresses, the ability to see what we planned (schedule) vs what is actually happening is important. I log into Adi daily to see where we are at. I look at Labor TraX (the weekly view) and if I see overtime or our labor cost percentage is running over target, I can reach out to managers right away and help them make adjustments. We can discuss the reasons why and bring things back in line. Without Adi we would not have this level of visibility and access.”

Tide Dry Cleaning franchisees, Nick and Chris Harris, utilize Adi to ensure they exceed their customers' expectations

Payroll processing time reduction as a result of the Adi – Paycor Integration

Nick Harris implemented the Adi-Paycor integration in November 2018. Nick explained the value of the integration by saying:

“This integration saves me a ton of time! I use two parts of the integration, the staff API and importing of approved hours worked from Adi into Paycor. As I hire staff in Paycor they are automatically added to Adi. This means I can get them on the schedule quickly and more efficiently since I don’t have to enter their details into two systems.”

At Tide Dry Cleaning the focus is on customer service. Administrative tasks take time away from the customer. Nick’s operation has realized a 90% reduction in payroll processing time! He broke it down for us by saying:

“When we were using a manual process it took 45 minutes per store to enter hours worked into Paycor. So for my six stores, this meant 4.5 hours per pay run. Now using the Adi-Paycor integration my managers take a few minutes each day to approve hours worked in Adi.  Now I can process payroll in 20-30 minutes for all six stores!”

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