Waba Grill Franchisee saves $40k using Adi

Written by Rachael Skinner

February 27, 2017

Byung Kim and his business partner opened their first WaBa Grill store in Northridge, Los Angeles in November 2016.

“Using Adi for scheduling and tracking our metrics has been amazing. We’ve reduced our final labor-to-sales from 31.8% to 25.7% – saving us $41,236 this year!” 

– Byung Kim, Waba Grill Franchisee

Byung chose to implement Adi while opening their store to help streamline workforce scheduling and increase communication with staff. A system that integrated with their cloud-based point of sales was a must. This integration enabled Byung to use Adi sales forecasting and Labor Optix tools to help them determine when they should increase or decrease their staffing levels to match customer demand.

Starting a business & opening a new store is extremely stressful and requires many man hours of research and setup. New franchisees need to divide their time between:

  • Hiring staff
  • Record keeping & accounting
  • Payroll setup & budgets
  • Business Insurance
  • Food orders
  • Installing machines
  • Training staff
  • Setup IT systems
  • Marketing & advertising

And much much more – not to mention scheduling their staff, finding a way to track hours, and estimating sales demand.

Byung was able to produce and send out the first shift schedule quickly & accurately – allowing them to spend more time on the other numerous tasks of opening a store with the reassurance that they had the right number of staff turning up on time.

A common problem with new franchisees is underestimating or overestimating demand which means getting their staff numbers wrong. Great customer service is so fundamental in speed at which a new store progresses to profitable. Adi eliminates the guesswork and ensures a new franchisee gets to profitable faster. Under- or over-staffing has consequences for service levels; affecting return customers, reputation, potential over-spending on wages and running at a loss.

The ability to see their projected sales and customer counts for opening week gave them oversight to not over spend on wages and but the comfort of knowing they would be adequately staffed. After the first few weeks there was enough point of sales data that Adi could pull in to use as sales projections for future schedules.

The MICROS integration through Adi IntuiX module pulls sales data into Adi from many leading POS systems to give management insight to hourly sales and customer count throughout the week – and also allows accurate projected sales trends for future schedules.

Byung and the whole Waba Grill management team have peace of mind that the brand will provide good customer service – by having appropriate staff levels – ensuring their brand new customers came back again.

“Adi is much easier and quicker to identify who needs to be on staff on a particular day. It’s much easier to compare hours worked to revenue numbers. We can track our labor costs much more accurately than if we did it through the POS.”  

– Byung Kim, Waba Grill Franchisee

Complementing Adi Insights scheduling at Waba Grill Northridge, the employees clock in and out with their fingerprints using ZUUS time. Byung loves the ZUUStime biometric scanner because it uses their unique fingerprint to identify them, eliminating the risk of buddy punching.

Implementing Adi, an ideal scheduling solution which fits the quick service restaurant model perfectly, provides franchisees with a better return on investment.

Adi helps franchisees to break-even months earlier by controlling staff hours and therefore wage costs, while ensuring appropriate service levels which drive customer retention & extra sales.

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