Want to empower your managers to think like a CEO?

Written by Rachael Skinner

May 26, 2016

What if more staff within your organization were informed with critical business information? How valuable would it be if your managers were able to schedule with profit margins front of mind? What if your mananagers were informed with key cost insights at their fingertips to help them weigh up business decisions, just like your CEO? How would your business benefit? 

If your mangers can think like a CEO and schedule staff with the businesses bottom line front of mind, that could only mean a higher profit margin and an increase in revenue opportunities right? Unfortunately, we know that CEO’s have far too much on their plate to be working on shifts and staff schedules. This is why Adi want to empower your managers to think like a CEO.

Staffing, for most businesses, is one of the top expenses alongside stock, rent + insurances.

What if you could empower your managers to make workforce scheduling decisions like a CEO would, and lean down any additional spending in this area?

Adi Insights works in conjunction with you point of sale and foot traffic data devices to pull together powerful sales data. It then allows your manager to easily see the projected sales and customer to staff ratio’s for particular shifts, and schedule staff with these numbers in mind. Adi Insights then becomes a powerful tool for managers as they can then cross check their current schedule, with previous schedules and ensure that they are delivering consistent customer service and increasing revenue opportunities.

This ability to empower your managers will increase their buy-in to the process of staff scheduling and give them a real-time understanding of staff options as well as the ebbs and flows of customer requirements.

Adi Insights makes scheduling simple, easy and effective for managers of fast turnover retail and restaurants. To discover the power of Adi Insights first hand, book a demo and we’ll run you through step-by-step.

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