Why deploy cloud based workforce management?

Written by Rachael Skinner

June 18, 2016

Your workforce that is more mobile than ever. Cloud based staff scheduling software that you can access from your web browser makes sense. Wherever you are, anytime, anywhere, you can access Adi Insights to get the information you need to make decisions. The cloud makes accessing and interacting with business information easier, faster and more seamless.

Fast return on investment

With cloud based workforce management, you can realise return on investment faster and more efficiently. Your workforce is a large part of your operating expenses, so doesn’t it make sense to manage in the most efficient way possible?

Deploying cloud based workforce management means no installs, no IT resources, no approvals required. Simply log in with your username and password, and you’re up and running. Adi Insights implementation experts guide you through the implementation process to ensure you get the most value possible from your investment.

Access information anywhere, anytime, immediately

With the 100% cloud Adi Insights management suite, you can immediately access the information you need to make decisions. We call it ‘actionable information – the information you need right now to make decisions. Information about sales, labour cost to sales, labour efficiency, absences & leave, time & attendance data, retail KPIs, HR and payroll information and more. It doesn’t matter if your business is across town, across the state, or in multiple countries and regions – everyone is working in sync.

Upgrades are automatic and instant

Having cloud based workforce management means all your updates are made in real-time and pushed to all users simultaneously, without any IT requirement. Updates are deployed with 48 hours notice by the Adi development team, meaning no lag time like with on-premise solutions. This gives your users access to the latest and greatest features to help you optimize your workforce management, increase producitity and reduce labour costs.

Access your information while you’re working at home. Switch on Adi Insights today.

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