Wingtip is a “one-stop shop for the modern gentleman.” Exceptional customer service is their business.

Written by Rachael Skinner

May 4, 2017

Wingtip features a retail shop with a custom clothing department, cufflinks, pens, leather goods, barware, cigar accessories, a fly fishing shop, wine & spirits and even a barber shop and shoe shine stand. They also have a restaurant and bar, a private club, a boardroom, a golf simulator and a wine cave.

Ami Arad from Wingtip talks about Adi for hospitality & retail businesses

Wingtip’s vast retail store, their private club, and restaurant means they’re running multiple businesses with different needs. Wingtip relies on amazing service to encourage customer loyalty but they have the challenge of having so many different facets to their company that all require a different kind of service and staff.

Finding that perfect ratio of customer to staff is key to the quality of their brand. Since they have different areas of customer service with retail, restaurants, and private events it can be difficult to ensure that each area is being run efficiently and customers are satisfied.

Retail and foodservice industries are seeing a rise in using labor optimization strategies to prevent poor service. Adi works by harvesting point of sales and foot traffic data, they’re taking the guess work out of which days are most popular and at what times. They can help forecast sales trends and allow companies to use their labor model to make the smartest staff changes.

“The nice thing about Adi is that we’re able to use it to both schedule the retail employees for store coverage as well as the two different types of operations we’re running up in the club.”

Ami Arad, CEO & Founder, Wingtip

In just over 7 weeks Jesse Potterveld, Wingtip’s Chief of Staff, has dropped the labor cost by 16.25% while sales are up $69,000 over forecast.

What gets measured gets managed. Wingtip proves you can reduce labor costs AND boost sales!

The true investment that Wingtip made with Adi was having an easier workflow and understanding their peak times and their needs as a company. While a lot of companies still use outdated methods for scheduling shifts it’s important to be ahead of the curve and use systems to streamline the process.

Wingtip says they’re a mix of modern and traditional. That’s evident in their adaption of labor optimization technology, but their commitment to customer service is their traditional sense.

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